Architectural bureau STARH

Architectural bureau STARH specialized on a big number of architectural tasks: from small and elegant individual projects to a big community ones. Company has its own vision that gave the opportunity to find new unusual solutions. They happily embrace them and love each part of the construction processes.

Creativity spirit, innovations and high ethics standards are the main traits of the STARH bureau.




Residential complex “Evergreen” was engineered and designed by architectural bureau STARH and received a recognition in the professional field:
Golden plummet award, Best building implementation (winner), 2015
Architectural contest award, Best seaside complex (winner), 2013

Buyer info

Four entrances of the “Evergreen” complex «A», «B», «V», «G» lead to the apartments that will satisfy your taste and preferences. You can choose everything: from the views from your windows (sea or courtyard with the fountain) and the type of your balcony (small balcony or terrace) to the apartments size (from 63 to 134m2) and number of bedrooms (one, two or three).

Renters info

You can rent apartments in the “Evergreen” complex. It could be long or short lease. Apartments that are available to rent are at the entrances “A” and “B”. All apartments are fully furnished and ready for you.