The high quality materials and state of art technologies were used during the construction of the “Evergreen” residential complex.

Natural materials

The building is based on a reinforced concrete constructions. Ceramic Wienerberger bricks were used for walls. They are ecological materials with good thermal insulation.

We are using natural Italian stone travertine in the wall covering of the Evergreen estate façade. This material is known for its durability. It is used in building for more than two thousand years. This beautiful stone were used in the building of Coliseum, St. Peters Basilica in Vatican, Trevi fountain in Rome and other buildings.

The exterior panels Trespa (Nederland) are from a leading innovator in the field of architectural materials and their warranty is more then 25 years. Due to the using of this breakthrough material, the façade is venting, and as a result there is no condensation in flats.


The technical building systems

The technical building systems are representing technical directives of EEC. The high quality materials were used and the complex was built with the usage of state of art technologies. The quite and fast lifts by German company KONE and gates by Hormann known for their secure and quietness were installed in the house. The environmentally friendly materials that were produced in Europe were used during the building process: ceramic chimney KEBE, natural travertine from Italy.




​Window systems

There are installed five-chamber class “A“ PVC architectural systems Q 72 ETEM in all estate apartments at the “Evergreen” residential complex. These window systems have good thermal (Uw = 0,74 W/m2K) and sound insulation (RW = 47 dB). They will insure your comfortable living in your flat.

Buyer info

Four entrances of the “Evergreen” complex «A», «B», «V», «G» lead to the apartments that will satisfy your taste and preferences. You can choose everything: from the views from your windows (sea or courtyard with the fountain) and the type of your balcony (small balcony or terrace) to the apartments size (from 63 to 134m2) and number of bedrooms (one, two or three).

Renters info

You can rent apartments in the “Evergreen” complex. It could be long or short lease. Apartments that are available to rent are at the entrances “A” and “B”. All apartments are fully furnished and ready for you.